Software for Standalone Controller for an IDE CD-ROM Drive

by Jed Margolin

Software for the 68HC908GP32  []

mpod2_0.asm       source code

gp32.h                  GP32 include file

mpod.h                  include file

cdrom.h                 include file (CDROM)

mpod2_0.s19        assembled executable output of mpod2_0.asm

mpod2_0.lst          assembly listing of mpod2_0.asm       assembly map of mpod2_0.asm

mpod2_0.err         assembly error (results) file of mpod2_0.asm

casm.bat               batch program for calling the assembler

Motorola Monitor Code disassembled using P&E Microcompter Systems Debugger, with my labels and comments.

Test Program for the Rev 2 Project []

Windows Program compiled under Microsoft Visual C++.

Copyright 2000 - 2003 Jed Margolin

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