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Case Information: 43682
Short Caption:TAORMINA VS. STOREY CO. BLDG. DEP'TClassification:Civil Appeal - General - Other
Related Case(s):40106
Lower Court Case(s):Storey Co. - First Judicial District - CV0019561Case Status:Disposition Filed/Case Closed
Disqualifications:MaupinPanel Assigned: Panel
To SP/Judge:08/06/2004 / Manoukian, NoelSP Status:Completed
Oral Argument:Oral Argument Location:
Submission Date:How Submitted:

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Docket Entries
07/28/2004Other - Disqualification of JusticeDisqualification of Justice Maupin. Law firm of Thorndal Armstrong Delk Balkenbush & Eisinger.
07/28/2004Filing Fee - Filing Fee Paid with EfilingReceived Filing Fee Paid on Filing. $250.00 from Kenneth James McKenna, Inc.--check no. 6944.
07/28/2004Notice of Appeal Documents - Certified Copy of Notice of Appeal/SettlementFiled Certified Copy of Notice of Appeal/Settlement. Notice re: settlement conference program/suspension of rules mailed to all counsel. (Docketing statement mailed to counsel for appellant.)04-13751
07/30/2004Notice of Appeal Documents - Documents from District Court ClerkFiled Documents from District Court Clerk. Order Granting Defendants Storey County Building Department and Storey County Building Inspector's Motion to Dismiss for Failure to State a Claim Upon Which Relief Can be Granted Pursuant to NRCP 12(b)(5) filed in the district court on 6/20/02; Notice of Entry of Order filed in the district court on 8/1/02; and Received District Court Entries.04-13908
08/06/2004Settlement Notice - Notice: Assignment to Settlement ProgramIssued Notice: Assignment to Settlement Program. Settlement Judge: Noel E. Manoukian. (Briefing and preparation of transcripts suspended pending further order of this court.)
08/10/2004Notice/Outgoing - Notice to Transmit Required DocumentIssued Notice to Transmit Required Document. (district court minutes and docket entries) Due Date: 10 days
08/13/2004Letter/Incoming - LetterFiled Letter. from Storey County Clerk. There are no minutes available and the Case Summary has already been transmitted.04-14709
08/17/2004Docketing Statement - Docketing StatementFiled Docketing Statement. Issued Notice to Provide Proof of Service on Settlement Judge.04-14862
08/20/2004Motion - Motion to Dismiss AppealFiled Motion to Dismiss Appeal. Respondent Highland Ranches Property Owners Association.04-15119
08/26/2004Notice/Incoming - Notice of Change of AddressFiled Notice of Change of Address. Mark H. Gunderson, Ltd.04-15489
09/23/2004Motion - Stipulation/Dismiss AppealFiled Stipulation/Dismiss Appeal. Stipulation to Dismiss Appeal with Prejudice.04-17666
09/28/2004Notice/Incoming - Proof of ServiceFiled Proof of Service. of Docketing Statement on Settlement Judge.04-17933
11/01/2004Order/Clerk's - Clerk's OrderFiled Clerk's Order. Partially Dismissing Appeal. Pursuant to the stipulation of the parties an, cause appearing, this appeal is dismissed as to respondent Highland Ranches Proper Owners Association ("Highland Ranches"). NRAP 42(b). fn1[In light of this order, Highland Ranches' August 20, 2004, motion to dismiss is denied as moot.]04-20045
01/06/2005Notice/Outgoing - Notice of Modification of CaptionIssued Notice of Modification of Caption. Parties are advised to notify this office in writing within 10 days if the caption as modified does not accurately reflect the status of the parties.
01/13/2005Settlement Program Report - Interim Settlement Program ReportFiled Interim Settlement Program Report. The settlement conference is continued to the following date: February 17, 2005.05-00838
02/10/2005Settlement Program Report - Interim Settlement Program ReportFiled Interim Settlement Program Report. The settlement conference is continued to the following date: May 12, 2005.05-02720
05/27/2005Settlement Program Report - Interim Settlement Program ReportFiled Interim Settlement Program Report. The parties have agreed to a settlement of this matter.05-10505
06/08/2005Settlement Program Motion/Stipulation - Settlement Program/Stipulated DismissalFiled Settlement Program/Stipulated Dismissal.05-11257
06/16/2005Order/Dispositional - Order/Stipulated DismissalFiled Stipulated Dismissal. Pursuant to the settlement conference, the stipulation of the parties and cause appearing, " . . . this appeal is dismissed." The parties shall bear their own costs and attorney fees. NRAP 42(b). NNP/CLK05-11825
06/16/2005Case Status Update - Case Closed Case Closed. No remittitur issued.