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Thank you for taking the time to bring your concerns to our attention. We are in receipt of your consumer complaint. In addition to documenting your issues to our files, we will also share your information with the Better Business Bureau. This will assist us to document trends, and the BBB may be able to mediate your issues as well. If your complaint is under the authority of another agency, we will forward your complaint for further processing.


If your complaint raises issues that are part of widespread deceptive practices that rise to the level of a statewide concern for Colorado consumers, our office will initiate an investigation. If your complaint does not fall under the direct supervisory authority of any federal or state agency or it involves a private contractual dispute, you may wish to pursue private remedies.




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About You:


Your Name: Jed Margolin

Your Address: 1981 Empire Rd.

City: Reno

State: Nevada

Zip: 89521-7430

Home Phone: 775-847-7845

Business Phone:


Are you over 60 years of age?: Yes


About the Company you are Complaining Against:


Name of the Company: Luce Research

Type of Company: Private Business/Other

Company Address: 5086 List Dr.

City: Colorado Springs

State: Colorado

Zip: 80919

Phone: 719-272-7200


Web Site:

Name of Sales Person or Principle of Business: Monty Davis, Alex Sharkey


Your Complaint:


Have you discussed the complaint with the owner or manager of the business?: Yes

Name of the person with whom you spoke: Monty Davis, Alex Sharkey

When did you speak with this person?: May 12, 2010

Product or Service: Fraudulent Survey

Date Purchased: May 11, 2010

Order, Contract, Account or Policy #: Telephone

Was the product or service advertised?: No




Describe any representations made about the product or service :


Bad Company - Luce Research


I received a call yesterday from a young lady at Luce Research. (


She said that if I took part in a survey the Company would donate $20 to my favorite charity.


She asked me a few questions about Information Technology that seemed to want to know if I am in Academia or Private Industry.


Then she terminated the interview and hung up. Apparently, I did not qualify for the survey.


I called Luce Research today (719-272-7200) and talked to Monty Davis, Director of Operations. I told him that I had done my part and I that I wanted Luce Research to keep their promise.


He said that the script that was read to me said that the $20 would be donated to charity upon completion of the survey, and that I did not complete the survey.


I pointed out that it was Luce Research that terminated the survey.


He said that Luce Research had done nothing wrong. I told him Luce Research had committed fraud. He got upset and hung up.


I called back and spoke to General Manager Alex Sharkey. That conversation went mostly the same way except when I told him I would write about his company.


He started to say something about lawyers.


If Luce Research wants to sue me for exposing them as a fraud, then fine.


That will ensure that they get all the publicity they deserve.



Your Complaint:


Luce Research committed fraud by promising to donate $20 to charity if I took part in a survey. They terminated the survey early and refused to donate the money.


Amount in Dispute: $20 to charity(Actual loss only)


What do you consider to be a fair resolution to seek from the business?:


For their fraudulent business practices they should be required to donate $1000 to the Salvation Army in Lake Worth, FL for every person who agreed to take part in their survey and was not able to complete it because Luce Research cut it short.


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