Who is Reza Zandian?


This article is about Reza Zandian (“Zandian”), specifically the Reza Zandian in:


In The First Judicial District Court of the State of Nevada

In and for Carson City


Case No.: 09 OC 00279 1B

Dept. No.: 1


 JED MARGOLIN, an individual,




OPTIMA TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION, a California corporation, OPTIMA TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION, a Nevada corporation, REZA ZANDIAN aka GOLAMREZA ZANDIANJAZI aka GHOLAM REZA ZANDIAN aka REZA JAZI aka J. REZA JAZI aka G. REZA JAZI aka GHONONREZA ZANDIAN JAZI, an individual, DOE Companies 1-10, DOE Corporations 11-20, and DOE Individuals 21-30,














An Order adjudging Defendant in contempt of court and Order Issuing of Arrest Warrant having been heretofore entered by the Judge of the above-entitled Court.


NOW, THEREFORE, by virtue of this Warrant of Arrest, you are hereby commanded to arrest the above-named Defendant, and bring him before this Court, pursuant to NRS 22.010; 22.040; 22.050 and 22.100.


That the said Defendant, REZA ZANDIAN aka GOLAMREZA ZANDIANJAZI aka GHOLAM REZA ZANDIAN aka REZA JAZI aka J REZA JAZI aka G. REZA JAZI aka GHONOREZA ZANDIAN JAZI, may be released pending a hearing or by the posting of bail, cash only, in the sum of $100,000.00. Extradition Nevada/California only.


WITNESS my hand this 3rd day of February, 2016, and I direct that this Warrant may be served at any hour of the day or night.




Clerk of the First Judicial District Court of the State of Nevada in and for Carson City


By:  __________ DEPUTY



How did this happen?


It didn’t happen overnight.


1.  Who is Reza Zandian?  - The story of the case. Court documents with my commentary.


2.  District Court documents - District Court documents with a small amount of commentary.


3.  Nevada Supreme Court - Nevada Supreme Court documents.

Appeal 1 - Zandian Appeals the Judgment

Appeal 2 - Zandian Appeals the award of Attorney’s fees

Appeal 3 - Zandian Appeals the Order to Appear for a Debtor’s Examination and to Produce Documents


4.  U.S Bankruptcy Court for the District of Nevada - Chapter 15 Petition by Patrick Canet, French Liquidation Attorney, represented by Stephen Hartman of Reno.

            Document Index


5.  Documents from the French Court


6.  The Evidence Against Zandian - With My Commentary



The Court documents are in PDF format. I have converted the documents that I consider interesting to html to make them easier to read online and to be text searchable. While I have tried to make the conversions accurate there may still be some typos. Therefore, the PDFs are the controlling documents.


Where the documents cite cases I have tried to get the cases and put active local links in the documents to them.


Where the cited cases also cite cases the links are (usually) to Google Scholar.



Here is Zandian’s picture from his French Residency Permit.



Reza Zandian

aka Gholamreza Zandian Jazi

aka Gholam Reza Zandian

aka Golamreza Zandianjazi

aka Reza Jazi

aka J. Reza Jazi

aka G. Reza Jazi



This has been going on for almost nine years, ever since Zandian stole the Patents by fraudulently filing documents with the Patent Office in 2007. It is still a long way from being over.


I have written a poem about Zandian:

Zandian is the Dark

The Dark is within him

The Dark surrounds him

The Dark consumes him

Zandian is the Dark



Jed Margolin

Virginia City Highlands, Nevada

Current as of 11/20/2016