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The Road to Olinghouse Nevada

(September 2022)


Contains a great deal of Nevada history





New Projects

(October 2021)





Money, Currency, Federal Reserve Notes, and Crypto-Currencies

(July 2019)





I have a domain name ( and some patents for sale

(March 2019)





Tutorial on Making Things

( November 2018)





Who is Reza Zandian?

(Updated June 28, 2022)




Virginia City Highlands, Nevada


My Neighborhood

(June 2006)



The Path to Enlightenment also goes to the Propane Tank

(August 2006)





Articles Related to Storey County, Nevada


Audio Archive of Storey County Board of Commissioners Meetings

(starting from January 2013)



Cordevista – Forgotten But Not Gone

(April 2007 - December 2009)



BLM/Great Basin Winds – Forgotten and Gone

(February 2009 - March 2012)



Margolin Talks to the Census Bureau About His Zip Code

(April 2010)



Margolin Tells the Census Bureau to Go [expletive] Themselves


Chickens Coming Home to Roost at the Census Bureau

(May 2020)



Tom Taormina versus Storey County, Nevada

(August 2008, Last Update: 1/28/2017))



Sunny Hills Ranchos – Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

(August 2013 - July 2015)



I Smell a Rat

It’s Getting into the House Through the EDAWN East-West Connector

(August 2023)





Articles - Atari Stuff


Unit Vector Math for 3D Graphics

(June 2001, Last Update June 2005)



The Relationship Between Unit Vector Math and Euler Angle Functions

(June 2001)



Pay No Attention to those Folks Behind the Curtain
(Atari/Atari Games Vax Mail and Memos 1982-1992)

 (August 2001, Updated December 2017)



The Secret Life of Vector Generators

(April 2001, Updated July 2003)



The Secret Life of XY Monitors

(Probably April 2001)



TomCat - Atari's Last XY Game

(February 2001, Last Update October 2008)



Miscellaneous Schematics for Hard Drivin'/Race Drivin': Motor Amp, ADSP Board, and DSK Board

(March 2002, Last Update October 2023)



Fixing the Race Drivin' Y2K Bug

(July 2002)



Atari Telephone Directory 1983

(May 2003)



Atari Approved Vendor List (AVL)

(December 2003)





Other Articles


Musings on Covid-19

(July 12, 2020)



A Modest Proposal For Nevada to Deal with the Covid-19 Pandemic

(March 2020)



Renown Health, Reno - Renown For What?

(October 2019)



What I Have Learned About Propane Furnaces (The Hard Way)




The Mystery of the Flakey Furnace


(March 2016)



The Road to the Transistor

(1993, 2001, 2005)



Lissajous Figures

(May 2001)



Gas Music From Jupiter

(1994, 1995, 2002)



Marantz 2230 Schematics and Pictures

(April 2004, Last Update September 2005)



WUOM - Updated (Program Guide for December 1974)

(January 2001, Last Update June 2005)



Computer Security Rant

(June 2004)



Proposal to Reduce Spam

(October 2002)



The True Story of the Wildblue Satellite Speed Network

(June 2006, March 2012)



AT&T is Doing It Again

(May 2007)



AT&T is Doing It Again, Again

(October 2013)



Nissan of Reno

(July 2007, October 2008)



Bad Satellite Equipment Companies

(September 2007 - February 2009)



Betrayal of Trust

How Costco Almost Lost Me as a Member

(October 2008, Last Update March 2012)




(February 2010)



Bad Company - Luce Research

(May 2010, Last Update October 2011)



If you are looking For a Crap Web Hosting Service
I have found it for you: 1 and 1 Hosting

(February 2010)



More Crap: HostMonster

(March 2010)



Warning about MultiPower Inc, Home Depot,

and the Consumer Product Safety Commission

(May 2015)



The Boeing Company - Arrogant, Paranoid, or What?

(August 2016)



Did the Nevada Legislature Really Mean to Do That?

(June 2018)



Bad eBay Seller, Bad eBay, Piss-Poor PayPal, VISA Good

(May 2018)



Sam’s Club Sucks

(September 2018)



DHL Needs to Do A Lot Better (November 2017)





My Patents
(with some commentary)


U.S. Patent 9,784,449

Flame Sensing System



U.S. Patent 9,625,179

System to Provide a Backchannel to an HVAC Thermostat



U.S. Patent 9,465,104

ADS-B Radar



U.S. Patent 8,838,289

System and method for safely flying unmanned aerial vehicles in civilian airspace



U.S. Patent 8,643,534

System For Sensing Aircraft and Other Objects



U.S. Patent 8,373,591

System For Sensing Aircraft and Other Objects



U.S. Patent 7,360,130  
Memory With Integrated Programmable Controller



U.S. Patent 6,377,436
Microwave Transmission Using A Laser-Generated Plasma Beam Waveguide



U. S. Patent 5,904,724 
 Method and Apparatus for Remotely Piloting an Aircraft



Data Compression for Digital Elevation Databases (3 patents)



U. S. Patent 5,566,073
Pilot Aid Using a Synthetic Environment



Video Memory Patents (3 patents)



U. S. Patent 5,978,488
Simulated AM Radio



Video Game Patents (5 patents)





My Patents (List)


Patent List with Abstracts




Patent Applications


U.S. Provisional Application

Sonoluminescence Using Microwave Excitation

(December 2019)



U.S. Provisional Application: Directed Energy Weapon Using a Plurality of Lasers

November 10, 2017



U.S. Provisional Application: Plasma Laser Amplifier



U.S. Patent Application 20150348393: Flame Sensing System



U.S. Patent Application 20150097714:  ADS-B Radar



U.S. Patent Application 20080033604:  System and Method For Safely

Flying Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Civilian Airspace



U.S. Provisional Application:  Sensing Aircraft and Other Objects



U.S. Provisional Application: Flame Sensing System




Other Patent Stuff


Atari's Patents



U.S. Patent and Trademark Office



USPTO Patent Database






The Real NASA


How NASA Treats Independent Inventors

 (July 2009 - October 2012)



NASA's Continuing Lack of Accounting Controls

(March 2010)




Patent Office Story 
 How the U.S. Patent Office Jumped the Shark 

(October 2005 - October 2006)



The Story Continues at CAFC 

(October 2006 - June 2007)



U.S. Patent Office
Still Jumping the Shark

(October 2011 - September 2014)




Not-Prior Not-Art -  A Patent Reality Check

(March 2011 - October 2011)





How the United States Air Force Plays the Shell Game with the Freedom of Information Act and How They Treat Independent Inventors

(June 2010 -April 2012)





Synthetic Vision - The Real Story

(January 2009)







Spoofing the Tektronix Readout Pin

(September 2015)



Standalone Controller for an IDE CD-ROM Drive  

(January 2001, Last Update February 2003)



NTSC Video using the 68HC908QY4

(September 2003)



Satellite Receiver Info


Uniden Supra Mods, Parts, and Schematics




Satellite Links

(January 2001)




Things To Do 


 Flying UAVs in Civil Airspace By Using Synthetic Vision

(May 2005)



Memory With Integrated Programmable Controller

(June 2004)



Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Monitor using Analysis of Exhaled Breath

(February 2004)



Distributing Computing System (Trade CPU Cycles for Web Access)

(February 2004)



Web Death Insurance

(February 2004)



Digital Consumer Audio System (DCAS)

(April 2004)



Health Insurance Issues      


Hospital Charges at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

 (May 2005; updated August 2023)



Hospital Charges in San Jose

(August 2004)



Hospital Charges in San Jose - Updates (June 2005)  

(December 2004; Last Update February 2007)



Proposal for Fair Treatment for People without Health Insurance

(March 2004)




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