Public Comments Received by the Storey County Planning Commission Regarding Tom’s Application for Special Use Permit 2011-010



I asked for, and received, copies of the Public Comments received by the Storey County Planning Commission regarding Tom and Midge Taorima’s application for a Special use Permit to install two 195 ft towers in addition to the several towers they already have.


The Public Comments were in several formats.


The comments submitted by email were in the ".MSG" format, which is produced by Microsoft Outlook.


This format is difficult to convert to a useable format unless you have Microsoft Outlook, which I don't have.


I used the program which converts MSG files to PDF.


It does a nice job.



My policy for posting public comments is as follows.


1.  When comments are submitted by individuals I redact their email address unless they claim an affiliation with an organization in order that their comments be given special weight.


2.  When comments are submitted by organizations or companies I do not redact their email address or Web site URLs (if there is one).


3.  I do not redact postal addresses because if someone wants to spend money on postage, they can.


4.  I do not generally redact telephone numbers because the standard rules for Telemarketers apply.



I have converted emails and MS Word documents to PDF and html.


Files containing articles in PDF remain in their original PDF format.


I will attempt to present the comments in chronological order by date (but not time of day).



Jed Margolin

Virginia City Highlands, Nevada

March 27, 2011




July 2008 - Petition against the “Antenna Farm”, signed by 106 people.

I made a judgment call and redacted phone numbers.


            Petition (PDF)



11/13/2010 - Patrick J. Flanagan #1             html    PDF


02/17/2011 - Jim O'Mahony                          html    PDF


02/20/2011 - P. Joan Barron                          html    PDF


02/20/2011 - Karlyn McPartlin                      html    PDF


02/22/2011 - Catherine Hinkle                      html    PDF


02/22/2011 - Bianca Kenner                          html    PDF


02/23/2011 - Dave and Zoann Abel               html    PDF


02/23/2011 - Phyllis Blake                            html    PDF


02/23/2011 - Bob Fritz                                   html    PDF


02/23/2011 - Jed Margolin                             html    PDF


                        Attachment - comments 1      html    PDF


                        Attachment - comments 2      html    PDF                            


02/23/2011 - Dale Morgan                             html    PDF


02/23/2011 - Steve Morrow #1                      html    PDF


02/23/2011 - Buddy Morton #1                     html    PDF


02/23/2011 - Buddy Morton #2                     html    PDF


02/23/2011 - Lyndi Renaud                           html    PDF


02/23/2011 - Fred Thomas                             html    PDF


02/24/2011 - Andy & Leslie Biederman       html    PDF


02/24/2011 - Leon Englant                            html    PDF


02/25/2011 - Michelle Adkins #1                              PDF


02/25/2011 - Brad Carnine                             html    PDF


02/27/2011 - Michelle Adkins #2                              PDF     (with pictures)


02/27/2011 - Craig G Chanslor                      html    PDF


02/27/2011 - Sherry Sampson                        html    PDF


02/28/2011 - Fred Hopengarten                                 PDF


02/28/2011 - James Hoeft                              html    PDF     (Highlands Ranches Property Owners Association)


02/28/2011 - William and Joyce Immers      html    PDF


03/01/2011 - Georgianne Houser #1              html    PDF


03/02/2011 - Christian Meade                       html    PDF


03/03/2011 - Beeta Aram                               html    PDF


03/03/2011 - Patrick J. Flanagan #2              html    PDF


03/03/2011 - Mike Fortin                                           PDF     (slides/pictures)


03/03/2011 - Steve Morrow #2                      html    PDF


03/03/2011 - Joe O'Brien                               html    PDF


03/03/2011 - Ray Robbins                                         PDF


03/07/2011 - Georgianne Houser                   html    PDF


03/14/2011 - Midge Taormina                       html    PDF






Snook v. City of Missouri City, TX               PDF


U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas

Houston Division



The Next 3dB, by Tom Taormina                 PDF

July August 2008, NCJ/ARRL